Day 193, Day 194, Day 195 and Day 196: running, deer hooves and personal bests!

“Running is not, as it so often seems, only about what you did in your last race or about how many miles you ran last week. It is, in a much more important way, about community, about appreciating all the miles run by other runners, too.”

First, let me start this off by giving a HUGE shout out and MAJOR congratulations to all of the participants, volunteers and cheerleaders of the 2013 Cabot Trail Relay! I won’t lie,  each year that I miss the relay pains me but I am so proud of everyone who digs deep to train and run at this event. YOU.ARE.AWESOME! 

Here is my update (I’m a little behind in reporting!)

Day 193: Last Friday I completed a great 30 minutes of hill training and then a few rounds of weights. I am beginning to dislike hill training on the treadmill as I don’t feel very motivated. At any rate I got it done.

rolling hill invermere bcDay 194: Saturday I ran 15.3km from Invermere to Radium. I was super pumped for this run as it’s beautiful through the mountains; the scenery is beyond gorgeous. The run kicked off with what I like to call a “Rolling hill;” oh sorry, it wasn’t rolling at all. It was a real jerk.

blisterBut anyway, as I was saying… I was really pumped for this run, so naturally I was pissed when I got an uncomfortable blister after about 4km into the run. It was so painful that at 5km I almost called for a pickup, but I decided to keep on going. I set milestones, e.g.: 6km, then 7km, then 8 etc. I was determined to tell people that I ran from one town to the other, so my stubborn self kept going.

invermere to radiumSomething I noticed pretty quickly was little bits of stuff that must have come off trucks. At first glance it looked like blood, but I realized it was only wood. However, coming down one of the hills I saw a big chunk of one. Upon closer inspection, I realized it was the hooves of a deer or some such thing. I damn near gagged right there. That’s the other thing, I carried bear spray (and got made fun of.) I don’t even care that I don’t know how to use it! It provided a ton of comfort. Especially as we were also warned about cougars all over the place! But despite seeing signs for bears and mountain sheep  – I saw neither whilst running (and I’m not complaining.) However, my son and I saw countless of both on our drive home through the mountains.  I was super pleased with the run. Very proud to run what I consider a tough run of mostly uphill terrain but a fantastic downhill right into the town of Radium! As I finished, a woman blew the horn enthusiastically as if she knew I just had a HUGE accomplishment. She was giving me the thumbs up and everything (I was also wearing my “Run for Boston” t-shirt…. so that may have been it as well!) I was happy. And I was even happier to learn I had a personal best of largest elevation climb of 252 m. Woowhoo!

Day 195:On Sunday I completed 30 minutes on the elliptical and then did several circuits including weights and body resistance (planks etc.) I was somewhat sore after but felt great.

bear in radiumYesterday I took a break. We drove home from BC. Saw several bears and some mountain sheep. Felix wanted to bring a bear home. One of my friends said “He thinks he’s Christopher Robin” – she is right! (I must be Eeyore)

Day 196:Tonight I completed 5 miles. The run itself wasn’t too bad but my feet felt so heavy! I guess some days will just be like that. My time wasn’t too bad – almost fast enough to qualify for the Cabot Trail Relay!  (Which, if you’re from Alberta, there is a team putting their name in for the draw of one of the 45 spots!) I was pleased to learn that I have a new personal best for this month: most distance in a month – 126 km – woooowhoooo!

Here are my results:

photo 1photo


Hope you’re all happy & healthy out there!



If you’re from ALBERTA and want to participate in the 2014 Cabot Trail Relay, check out this website. All I can say is that it’s one of the most incredible relays I have ever participated in. The course, the people, the camaraderie, the celebration, the laughs… loads of fun!!!!!!

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