Day 192: 8km on the treadmill


The weather has been cold and rainy here and I didn’t think I would push it outside so yesterday I completed 8km on the treadmill. I am pretty pleased with my speed (which, if you can recall, is usually a lack thereof). I finished the 8km in 47:23, making my time 5:55 km/min. Last fall I had a few runs that were 5:45 min/km, and I’m determined to get back there. I guess I need to do some more speed training!

When I finished I turned on my iBootcamp and completed the ab workout and planks. I’m still sore from the other day, but it felt good to get that done. I enjoy the app and I think it was worth the $0.99 that I paid for it. I find the encouragement from the virtual coach amusing. He has a lot of spunk!

Anyway, this is it. Hoping to get some hill training in today. But it’s gross out and I don’t think my son will be too keen to join me.

And before I wrap this up, I want to wish everyone participating in the Cabot Trail Relay an AMAZING weekend!

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