Day 165 & Day 166: I just did it.

Nike Just Do ItThis is going to be super brief as I’ve got a sick little munchkin and a LONG list of to do’s 🙂

Had a great run with Wedgie a.k.a. Sue on Thursday. We hit the trail in Inglewood and ran out to the middle of nowhere (or at least it seemed that way.) Both of us are fighting respective illnesses so we did fantastic considering! The temperature was deceiving though. It felt really cold when we started out (wind chill) but then it was almost humid along the river – weird, right? Anyway, we finished strong. It was a good run!

Yesterday morning I did my long distance run because we were supposed to go to our friends wedding later in the morning (and I figured today would be a write-off.) The run was terrific despite the slippery sidewalks and mist/snow. I had a healthy time and I probably could have gone longer but due to time constraints came home to get ready for the big day. Unfortunately, our son was the recipient of some new stomach virus, so we’ve been keeping him comfortable since yesterday morning. I really hope this is only a 24-hour thing – the poor kid! So that’s it from here. I may try to sneak in some weight training today if time allows, although for anyone who is a parent out there, you know it’s hard to step away from a sick kid (even for just a few minutes!)

Hope everyone is happy & healthy out there!

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