Day 141: Speed training and bike.

Bust A Move Calgary This morning I woke up to snow on the ground, so decided to head to the gym for speed training. It was an interesting walk over there; lots of snow fell over night and it was slick!

The track wasn’t busy at all and I ended up doing 18 minutes; which worked out to be two minutes of running and one minute of sprinting. Once I wrapped that up I hit the bike to do a quick 5 miles.

You know how much I hate the bike, right? Well it was remarkably less painful than usual because I caught the news, so I was feeling incredibly productive! Before I knew it, time was up and it was time to hit the showers.

Hope everyone is happy and healthy out there!

Only four more sleeps until BAM Calgary – can’t wait!!!!!! To donate, please check out my profile here.


2 thoughts on “Day 141: Speed training and bike.

  1. I can’t wait to hear all about bust a move, I was hoping to hit it up in Edmonton but I have to work that day 😦 Is Richard Simmons going to be there?

    • I cannot wait!!!!! I will definitely be posting about it. He is supposed to be there! I heard a rumour that if you were one of the top raisers you would get to meet him… unfortunately, my position is slipping. Ugh. Anyway, I will keep you posted!! 🙂

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