Day 138: 5km run/skating..

Someecard Valentines Day Card funnySo after a few days of struggling to get up early, I finally managed it this morning! By 7’ish I was fuelled up and out the door. I just ran the old neighbourhood route because I know it well and wasn’t interested in fumbling through a new place. The sidewalks were pretty great except for Acadia Drive – there’s a long strip of sunken sidewalk which was nothing but a skating rink. Absolutely terrifying. Instead of slowing down I just hit the ice full tilt and slid (kind of fun, actually.)

I should have prefaced this post by saying that I absolutely did not want to run this morning. In fact, I was rolling my eyes as I put my sneakers on thinking about the things I would have done in order not to go. But I did. And I had an awesome run with a wicked time! Now, my times aren’t as fast as they were in the summer (5:45 min/km’ish) but I’m starting to speed up again – maybe because the end of winter is nearing? (HAH!) I also got my time down to 3:57/km for a little bit too – very exciting!

Here are todays stats:runkeeper calgary running

  • Distance: 5:08 km
  • Time: 30:59
  • Pace: 6:06
  • Best Pace: 3:57

Hope everyone is happy and healthy out there!



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