Day 131: cross training at the gym. YEAH BUDDY.

Set goals Tonight I did some cross training at the gym. It was awesome. I hopped on the elliptical for five minutes, then over to the AMT for 35 minutes and finished off with ten laps of the track. I also continued with my Chaturenga Challenge ! My legs are feeling great today – which is a little surprising given my run yesterday, but knock on wood no problems! I guess training properly does pay off.

In other news, I am super excited to announce that Roni Davis will be a guest blogger from time to time on RunningKatTales. Several weeks back I posted an article written by Roni (you can see it here) and it sparked some passionate responses. In an effort to learn more, I asked her if she would be interested in sharing her expertise and she graciously accepted.

Stay tuned to learn more from Roni – you can also catch her on her Facebook page!

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