Day 123: Wedgie run in a new neighbourhood!

Last night was a Wedgie Run in her neighbourhoods – thank goodness, because I wasn’t feeling like hitting the pavement on my own.

calgary girls runFirst, let me tell you that it is icy everywhere in this city. Although there were many bare spots last night, we had to slow down a lot to cut across streets that had knee high ICE banks. I would definitely say the run through Glamorgan and Glenbrook was rolling; we were up and down but nothing too drastic. I tried out my awesome new fuel belt that I got from Running Room just to get a feel for it. It was sort of annoying at first (kept sliding down) and then I would tighten it; then it would slide down again. Finally, I must have managed to find the right spot on my hips and forgot about it. I also tried out the socks from Lululemon. This is the first item (other than a headband and a shirt I received as a gift) I have ever bought on my own from Lulu. I have to tell you, they were pretty good. I’m thinking about going back to get another pair. They stayed warm and dry and didn’t have the same rough feeling as other running socks (the ones with mesh.)

Anyway – thanks for the run last night Sue! Let’s get signed up for Mud Hero!!

Here are last nights stats:run keeper kat calgary

  • Distance: 7.43 km
  • Time: 54:07
  • Pace: 7:17
  • Best Pace: 6:23

fuel belt body glide and lululemon socks

7 thoughts on “Day 123: Wedgie run in a new neighbourhood!

  1. Not going to lie when I read your title of this post I thought maybe that you were going to say that you were running behind someone that was constantly picking a wedgie… Lol.
    Anyways, I love getting new running gear!!! Lucky:)

    • Hahaha! Well, I call my good friend and running buddy “Wedgie” because of a card she gave me for my birthday last year… [] I wouldn’t be able to contain myself if I was stuck behind a wedgie-picker, though!

      The gear is great. Hoping to get new sneaks some time in the next few weeks too… the time has come!! πŸ™‚

      • I am thinking the time has come for me to get new shoes too!! =)
        Your post is cute=) I love the picture!!

      • Thanks Jenny!! What shoes are you going to buy? I am thinking some neon Asics for myself… πŸ™‚

      • You know…I don’t know! I tried on a pair at Tina’s retail job and they were amazing! I can not remember the brand atm!! I want to say Mizuno!
        I am generally an asics girl, but the last 2 pairs I bought in the summer did not feel right one bit so I returned them and bought a pair of Mizunos…. These ones are alright but I have been running in all sorts of weather and terrain since fall with them…they are gross now! lol

      • Oh – I’ve never tried those. I am such a creature of habit. Same Asics, time after time. My sneaks are a mess as well – the plastic has now fully cut through the heel. Definitely, definitely time for new ones. FYI: Are you ladies doing the Mud Run in Red Deer by any chance??

      • You know what, I just checked it out and the date is the same date as our half marathon we just signed up for! Otherwise, I am sure we would have been all in like a dirty shirt (no pun intended..)
        We are doing the Spartan race up here in June, and they have a super spartan in Red Deer in September!! I believe we will be signing up for that one too! Or just spectating, have not decided yet.

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