Rest Day: the #Chaturanga #Challenge is born!

yogarat_Chaturenga ChallengeAfter my 9.5 mile run yesterday, I took a rest day today. But I have to tell you, my legs feel great – not a bit stiff or sore – it’s unbelievable!

So since it was a rest day, I decided to do a bit of Yoga this evening. I was supposed to be focusing, but I couldn’t stop thinking about how I should really challenge myself to incorporate yoga into my daily routine. I used to be really good at doing it in the morning, but life has gotten pretty hectic, so in light of not wanting to make excuses (like being too busy) it’s on the list! And as a result, I’ve developed the “CHATURANGA CHALLENGE” [duh duh duh]

WHY? You may ask…

I love how I feel after I do yoga, so why not incorporate a little bit every day? This part of the sun salutation strengthens arms and wrists and it also tightens core muscles (Oh snap!)

First, watch this video to see proper form. It is difficult (or at least it is for me) but you can modify and complete from your knees. It is amazing how fast your strength will increase. Trust me!

* Modifications: You can get a feel for this challenging position by practicing it standing upright. Stand and face a wall, a few inches away from the wall. Press your hands against the wall, slightly lower than the level of your shoulders. Imagine that you are trying to push yourself away from the wall, but the firmness of your shoulder blades against the back prevents any movement. Lengthen your tailbone into your heels and lift the top of your sternum toward the ceiling.

* Beginners Tip: The completed form of Chaturanga Dandasana is quite difficult to perform at first, until your arms, back, and legs are strong enough to support you. From Plank Pose, begin by lowering your knees to the floor and then, with an exhalation, lower your sternum to within an inch or two above the floor.

Here are the rules:

  • Pick a start day – this will be Day 1. 
  • On Day 1: complete one (1) chaturanga
  • On Day 2: complete two (2) chaturanga’s
  • And so on… until you forget to do them, or you just cannot possibly complete any more!
  • Make sure you tweet about it or leave a comment to let us know that you’ve completed your chaturanga’s for the day!

*** I had a teacher who had to do 100 a few times a day, so I know we can do this! I’m setting my goal to 50 for now. I think it’s manageable if they’re done right.

So – are you in?

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