Day 120: why planning a route is important!

frozen bow river calgary albertaToday was the “long run Sunday” – and it was the longest distance for training to date. Not going to lie, I woke up this morning, checked the weather and thought “how in the heck am I going to do this?” But I got dressed, ate the usual (banana + porridge + coffee + water) and headed to Eau Claire. Interestingly enough, when I got to Eau Claire market to use the “facilities” there was a Spinathon going on. It was the 4th Annual Tri It Charity Spin-A-Thon with all proceeds going to MitoCanada (provides support & awareness to Canadians affected by Mitochondrial Disease.) I have no idea how many people were there, but there were tons!

I bundled up and headed out to the trail. I wasn’t two feet when I noticed a whole bunch of cop cars across the Bow River. No idea what they were doing. Then a little bit further down there were several firetrucks. Upon further inspection, it appeared as though they were doing some type of training in the freezing cold Bow River – exactly why I’m not a firefighter! I have a chill just from running today, I’m sure they’re freezing!

Anyway – despite it being -17 (windchill brought it to -24) I had a fantastic run! I really enjoyed running along the Bow River, I loved the scenery and everyone on the trail just seemed so pleasant and happy to be there. The sun was shining and the wind was at my back – it was grand! The whole time I listened to two podcasts (marketing/publicity) and thoroughly enjoyed them; I must say, it was a really productive run! However, I did not plan my route properly. I miscalculated my turnaround point (exactly why I hate turnaround points) and ended up having to run about 1.5 km extra. Which, on days like today when I was having a terrific run, wasn’t bad but imagine if I was feeling awful? I shudder thinking about it. I will definitely be planning out the route for the next long run.

So that’s the long run to wrap up another week of training – it feels like it’s going by so fast!

Here are todays stats:RunKeeper for Jan 20 Calgary Run

  • Distance: 15.2 km
  • Time: 1:41:11
  • Pace: 6:39
  • Best Pace: 5:50

I also should add that I had a few personal records today. YAHOO!

  • Farthest distance
  • Longest duration
  • Most calories burned
  • Biggest elevation climb

6 thoughts on “Day 120: why planning a route is important!

  1. Congrats on your personal records!!!

    • Thank you my dear! I knew I had the distance one (because it was the farthest I’ve gone so far) but the others were a great surprise. How is the weather there? I just had a look at the protein bar recipe.. I’m going to give them a try! Would you mind if I reblogged?

      • -30 =(
        Got in 3.5 k before my face went numb! lol. I am guessing your weather is pretty similar!
        I see you check out the running room races, Tina and I are planning a race for May 18th here in Edmonton!! 5km! Its been approved by the city, now we just need to find sponsors and advertise it on the RR website! We are going to have pie for post race snacks…lol. Super excited!
        Go ahead and reblog! We do not mind at all!

      • oh. my. goodness. That is so cold!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations on getting a race set up! I will keep May 18th on my calendar. Please keep me posted, I will definitely advertise on here 🙂

      • Awesome! Thanks!!!
        We will keep you posted for sure!…I have yet to blab about it publicly on the blog lol.

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