The Chest Update

flu Good morning tweep! Peeps! Friends!

So, it feels like forever since I’ve blogged – maybe even the longest I’ve gone since August? At any rate, today I’m anticipating my first day back at training. I’ve been battling quite the chest cold for the past five days so I’ve literally listened to the experts and done nothing. Absolutely nothing. Can you say BORED?! I’m up-to-date on the following shows: (1) Coronation Street (I cheat and watch on YouTube); (2) Grey’s, (3) ALL Housewives franchises, (4) Keeping Up Appearances and (5) tried to watch Emmerdale but I find it boring.

And with that, I feel completely shack-wacky and ready to get the heck out of here. And as much as I want to get out and run in this snowy weather (and believe me, I do) I will spare my lungs the hardship and go to the gym instead. So, sadly this means I’ve lost a week of training but on the upside, it’s not the end of the world. 🙂

Off to the Trico Centre I go!


2 thoughts on “The Chest Update

  1. Dislike. The cold/flu bug I caught after traveling at Christmas took a couple weeks to really wind down — ran a couple miles with the dog last night and still felt wheezy and tired! Hope you kick it soon. ~ Kat

    • It’s dreadful! I’m glad you got out. I think I’ll probably just be hitting the gym the next few days as it’s -15 here and I don’t think my body would be happy with me. Oh the joys of winter! 🙂

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