This isn’t so much an issue this week as I’ve been sick, but definitely as we swing into Calgary Stampede parade planning and everything else, I expect I’ll need this!

The Power in Choice

work_life_balanceThis is for anyone out there suffering from the inability to shut off work (I’ve also been guilty myself); the ones who are obsessed with working ridiculously long hours and make no time for anything else in life – if that’s you, pay attention!

As North Americans, it’s ingrained in our very nature to work more hours than anyone else. No wonder. Over the last twenty years, working hours have steadily increased. A report by DIT found that 1 in 6 employees now work more than 60 hours a week. And it seems like there’s no end in sight.

The amount of time we work seems to be our own measurement of success. In a past career, I worked in a regional office whereby I was one of two regional managers, covering equal regions.  It became apparent early on that there was a competition between Jack and myself: sales volume…

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