Day 107: 5.5 km run through the ol’ hood

Lululemon hat and rick hansen relay jacket = good runToday was my first run back since Dec 22. It was a pretty enjoyable run. I did a regular loop – I had only intended to do three miles today just to get the wheels turning again, but when I realized I had gone to far, I couldn’t turn around so I kept going.

My left knee started aching so I stopped at the 3 km mark to stretch it, which also happened to be a set of lights by Lake Bonavista Drive. I was stretching it out and noticed these two teenagers staring, pointing and laughing. My first thought was, ” Oh man, is my fly down?” Second thought was, “Gawd am I ever glad I’m not a teenager any more.” So I  just flashed them my biggest smile and waved. In which case they abruptly turned around and drove. Pffft…. kids!

I should say that I expect to get some stares because I was wearing my awesome new hat compliments of my brother and Lululemon, but I was also PROUDLY wearing my bright yellow RHR jacket. I’m not sure if they thought any of the above was humorous, but it wouldn’t be the first time someone had reacted that way to the jacket. Not long ago I was running in the neighbourhood by a bus stop and a kid said, “Nice jacket…” and sneered. Is that the best insult these kids can come up with? They’re so lazy these days!

In any case, I love my jacket. I love wearing it. And I love running in it. I got it because I was one of 7,000 relay runners chosen to participate in the Rick Hansen 25th Anniversary Relay. So, yeah. With a maple leaf on my left shoulder and the relay logo on the right, I’ll totally wear this thing everywhere and be proud of it. And if it was because I was red in the cheeks, a little out of breath, well by golly, at least I got out and ran today! But to lighten things up, I met a man two minutes later who smiled and said, “G’day princess!” And that was pretty much the end of my run and a damn good note to end on.

Here are todays stats: running stats running kat tales calgary

  • Distance: 5.55 km
  • Time: 33:15
  • Pace: 5:59
  • Best Pace: 4:50



2 thoughts on “Day 107: 5.5 km run through the ol’ hood

  1. So jealous. I have been sick since dec 22 and cant’t run because of coughing and I can’t breath trough my nose!!! Nice time!!!!

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