Day 106: Food/Booze coma… boxing day gym time!

So we decided to take Christmas Day off to enjoy the company, good food and relax. But we were back at it Boxing Day morning.

Sister continued with her running program and I hopped on the elliptical for forty-five minutes of awesomeness. I completed the same program I did the last time I was on the machine – starting out at the highest resistance and working my way down. We were stuck watching TSN to catch the WJC 2013… which would have been fine, if we hadn’t already seen the game and highlights several times already! It was a little nostalgic for me though, as this time last year we were in full World Junior mode and I was living/breathing it for two weeks. However, I must say, I truly enjoyed the slower pace of this Christmas and getting to enjoy it with my family.

When I got off the machine I just did planks in various positions. I also did some weights. The gym was kind of busy so we did our workouts a little quicker and got out of there. (Plus we wanted to jump in the hot tub with a beer before the boys did).

It was lovely!

This was our last workout on Christmas vacation as we took off the next day, back to Calgary and old routines! girls in hot tub

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