Day 102: wedgie + one run

IMG_6594Tonight was the regular Thursday night wedgie run. I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t in the mood for running but knew that once we got going we would forget all about our hectic days and enjoy it. We also had a plus one for the run as well, my son! Our house is a little bit mad right now and we have a babysitter shortage, so I threw him into his snowsuit, duct taped the iPad to the stroller and off we went for an evening run.

The sidewalks are a pain in the ass at the best of times during the winter and it’s even worse when you have a stroller, FYI. But we made it. Our time isn’t accurate at all because we stopped at several lights, got thrown off course to stop an iPad from crashing to the pavement and dropped a few things out of the stroller.

But it was a good run. Thanks to wedgie for coming out tonight. And thank you to F for being an awesome little co-pilot. He didn’t complain a bit. What a ball we had!

Here are tonights stats:IMG_6591

  • Distance: 6.46
  • Time: 50:05
  • Pace: 7:45
  • Best Pace: 6:30

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