Day 96: running with the stroller… in the snow… seemed like a good idea at the time!

snowy sidewalks.. somewhereToday I had every intention of waking up early (which I did) and heading out the door for a 5 km run. However, I woke up at 6’ish and wasn’t feeling fantastic so I decided to stay put. Knowing that the forecast was calling for snow all day and that I wouldn’t have anyone to watch my son this evening so I could nip out for a run, I knew the only chance I’d have to get out would be mid-morning after he got up.

So after we got up and had some breakfast, we got bundled up and headed out into the winter wonderland that was Willow Park. The temperature wasn’t too bad at all, but the sidewalks were a total mess. It was slippery. The first part of the run he was excited and mesmerized by the snow. It was eerily quiet as the snow fell but despite pushing another person around it was actually quite peaceful. However, he started getting a bit restless more than half-way through so I let him watch “Elmo” on my iPhone. Unfortunately,after about five minutes the darn thing shut off… then the screaming began. Fun times. Lesson: either take a fully-charged iPad (with cover) out for runs or get a babysitter. For me, the babysitter wasn’t an option, so we will be taking the iPad for the next run.

I don’t know what our time ended up being, but I did a typical 5km run; it was definitely slower than usual given the fact that I was pushing a 30lbs toddler + stroller on snow, but I’m glad it’s over for the day. Now I can enjoy my Wednesday evening shows with some treats (I know I said no cheat days until Christmas, but I don’t care.)

Hope everyone is happy & healthy out there!


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