Day 93: A chilly 10km #run through Fish Creek Park

Cownation aka CORONATION street I was a little late leaving for my 10 km run this morning (surprise, surprise). The weather network said it was -15, but felt like -25, so I can’t say I was thrilled to get out there. I ended up in four layers on the top and my arms were still chilled! Scarf, gloves and hat were on pretty much the entire time (my fingertips are still cold!) I was super proud sporting my “COWNATION STREET” shirt that my folks got me from the store “Cows” (out of PEI) and of course, my Rick Hansen “difference maker” jacket đŸ™‚ I definitely think the most important thing to remember while running in these conditions is to layer, layer, layer. Protect your face and any skin. I did end up having a bit of an ice cream head ache, but I’m not sure what I could to do lessen or eliminate that. I think it was just too cold!

The run was pretty great, I do have to admit. I was disappointed that my Wedgie couldn’t make it out, but having a personal best made up for it. After about 2km I had to pee like a racehorse, so I quickly shuffled into an Esso (thank you Esso person for letting me use the washroom without having to buy something!) Then I hit the trail again. The trail was pretty bare, but there were some snow covered icy spots to watch for – incredibly slippery! I met a few people out, but not many. One woman was walking her husky – they were both bundled which was funny to me. I didn’t meet any other runners; seemed like it was mostly folks out getting their dogs out for a quick jog. I have noticed that people don’t tend to pick up after their animals this time of year. I guess they think that if it freezes, it won’t make a mess. Gross, but funny… I ran by a frozen dog turd that looked like a giant chocolate chip. I would have taken a picture but there were some people around and I didn’t want to be “That” person.

Rick Hansen Difference Maker JacketMy legs felt really strong and so did my core. I think this whole #PushUpADay and #PlankADay is really helping me. It may also just be in my head too. I was incredibly happy with my time because the last time I ran a similar distance (in warmer weather) it was about the same. So despite feeling kind of sluggish in terms of speed, I didn’t do too badly. In Arizona I ran a 6:08 min/km pace in ideal conditions; when I ran 6 miles on the treadmill on completely consistent conditions I was around a 6:38 min/km; and the last time I ran a 10km my pace was 6:13 min/km. Today my pace was 6:09 min/km! I feel really close to getting my 10km down under 60 minutes, I just need to shave off two minutes!

My training schedule has me running seven miles next Sunday, but I’m not sure how I feel about that. I almost think that I need to start building in increments of half-miles. Does anyone else out there have an opinion on this? There’s also less hill and speed training, which, believe it or not I will miss!

Tomorrow is TRX training @TricoCentre. I’m looking forward to it and checking out the new equipment over there!

Here are todays stats: IMG_6419

  • Distance: 10.02 km
  • Time: 1:01:43
  • Pace: 6:09
  • Best Pace: 4:34

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