Day 90: A terrific run with minor fear of blowing chunks or literally having “the runs”!

aaaarunDoesn’t paint a pretty picture, eh? Yesterday my son came down with some type of stomach virus. This isn’t uncommon when you have a toddler and you don’t keep them in a bubble (even if you’d like to). So naturally, I’ve been running around the house for the past two days bleaching EVERYTHING I possibly can. Anyone who knows me knows two things: (1) I’m a bit of a germaphobe and (2) I have a weak stomach. I fully planned on running yesterday morning, but when he got up I knew I’d have to cancel and stay in. By the time night came I was too tired and lazy to do anything else but curl up and watch some quality TV (aka: Jersey Shore). And for the last 36 hours I’ve been living in fear that my time is coming… duh duh duh…

To wrap my head around getting the stomach “flu” (yes, Public Health people, I know it’s not the actual flu) for the third time in less than two years, I googled what to do (as if I had never done it before). I came across one woman’s blog which completely changed my perspective. The title: Avoid the Stomach Flu or Embrace it.  EMBRACE IT! Was she nuts? But as I read on, I completely understood. You see, I’ve had my fair-share of nasty illnesses and truth-be-told, at this point I’d rather get the darn thing over with rather than sit here another minute worrying about when it will strike. So, you know what I did last night (thinking I’d be sick today)? I ate chocolate covered almonds, Smartfood and had a three beer. I took her words literally and figured I would absolutely embrace it. I’d eat whatever the heck I wanted. Might as well enjoy myself!

Anyway, I woke up this morning and I wasn’t sick. WOOWHOO! I thought. I had planned to go running, but then an uneasy feeling hit me; I remembered another blog stating that the bug can hit anywhere from ten hours to 72 hours after exposure (peak being 24 hours.)  I thought, “Hmmmm it’s been about 24 hours, it should be hitting me any minute now.” So being the anxious person I can be, I decided that my pride couldn’t handle if I got out, started running and had something happen mid-run – AWKWARD!

But the day went on and my son was doing much better (finally taking liquids and eating some crackers). I felt a slight wave of relief come over me, but it was quickly followed by pang of doubt. I have never, ever escaped this bug. Ever. It seems since I moved to Alberta I’ve had some strain of stomach virus too many times to count. I bleached this house from top-to-bottom; I’ve done at least eight (8) loads of laundry. Including changing the sheets on EVERY bed as soon as we were up this morning and after nap time. No light switch, door handle or toy has been spared. My hands have been washed raw. But as sure as my hair is naturally blonde (and it is) I know the impending doom that is stomach flu. The funny thing is, I’m not that worried about it. I’m pretty sure compared to childbirth it’s a walk in the park; I also know that people go through flu-like symptoms daily due to health conditions so I really shouldn’t complain. I just want to get it and be done with it!

And with that. When it came time to run this evening I had a critical decision to make: do I dare run and risk either barfing or crapping my pants in public OR do I stay home and live in fear of this invisible illness. So I chose to run. You know why? Because I remembered that Michael Jordan got in front of a packed stadium and the whole world and played a critical game while he was actually fighting a stomach virus.

Ultimately, I figured if Jordan could play ill with millions watching, I could at least take a risk that I might have to make that embarrassing call to a cab and get a lift home. But I’m happy to report that it was an awesome run (I felt great). It was super slippery but the temperature was perfect. I did have a stitch for the first time, in a long time within the first ten minutes, but I think that’s because I started off pretty fast (4:30/km) and it got better once I slowed. When I hit the half-way mark I felt marvellous and thought I could definitely run further tonight if I had to. And when I finished I wasn’t winded or tired. It was good. So looking back, if I’m sick tomorrow I’ll be happy that I got out tonight and ran!

Here are tonights stats:IMG_6346

  • Distance: 5.01 km
  • Time: 30:28
  • Pace: 6:05
  • Best Pace: 4:30

One thought on “Day 90: A terrific run with minor fear of blowing chunks or literally having “the runs”!

  1. Guts or butts on the run . . .either way, no fun 🙂 ~ Kat

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