Day 86: Early morning #run and a cheat day a.k.a.: glutton day

I was supposed to run four miles yesterday, but when push came to shove I just didn’t feel like it. No excuses. Just lazy. I should also mention that there was some sort of sting operation going on in our neighbourhood, so I was nervous to go out. Also, my core is a little achy from TRX training at the Trico Centre the other night. Okay, so a few excuses. Ha!

Anyway, I got up bright and early this morning (it was still dark out) and got running before 8:00 a.m. I could definitely feel my core muscles during the run; the shifting of my tummy up and down darn near killed me. But the run was nice; the temperature wasn’t too cold and the sidewalks were mostly bare. My time wasn’t amazing, but I was happy with it because as mentioned before I’m definitely not an “early morning runner” – though I LOVE the thought of it. I had to smile when I finished, because I came to a cross walk with three very eager Crossing Guards. They were all smiles and chipper (at like 8:30 in the morning) and obviously young students from the elementary school in the neighbourhood.

Today is also cheat day, or also known as, Glutton Day. I made homemade fudge with white and milk chocolate chips (recipe here) ; we made homemade pizza; I had nachos and I plan on having another treat while watching Bachelor Canada. How awesome is that cheat day? Wedgie and another pal are coming over to watch. Nothing like junk food and trash TV to finish off a busy day!

Runninbear & I decided that we were going to do #PushUpADay as well as #PlankADay.  Okay, so the plank wasn’t so bad because I just did a standing plank for 90 seconds, HOWEVER, the pushups were non-existent. Seriously. I was doing chaturangas instead and even that was ridiculously painful; my “abs” are still sore. I made it through three (3); I know I said I’d try for five (5) good ones, but it was not happening today my dear!

And with that, it’s almost time to get ready for the show. Hope everyone is happy and healthy out there.

Here are this mornings stats: 

  • Distance: 6.45km
  • Time: 39:57
  • Pace: 6:12
  • Best pace: 4:45

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