Thank you to our @Facebook family for #RunningKatTales

“The six most important words: I admit I made a mistake. The five most important words: You did a good job. The four most important words: What is YOUR opinion? The three most important words: If you please. The two most important words: Thank You. The one most important word: We. The least important word: I.” 

Tonight I asked friends on Facebook to “Like” my page for RunningKatTales so I could secure the URL (not that anyone was itching to get to it, but you never know. I mean, some people are so weird that they secure the craziest domains like “” – seriously, check it out. It’s for sale.) Sorry. I got a little off-topic there. 

Anyway, within nano-seconds I had three friends “Like” it. Within a few more seconds another few friends liked it, and so on. I know it’s not a big deal to click “Like”, but I’m grateful for your support. I couldn’t have done it without you. We made this happen 🙂 

END RESULT: You can now visit RunningKatTales on Facebook at the address: (and it no longer has a million numbers after it.)

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