Day 82: How to enjoy #fartlek training on icy sidewalks

This evening was fartlek training. I varied my speed from 7 minute per km to 3 minute per km. For the slow intervals I tried to keep it well under the 7 mark, it was usually between 6:30-6:40; for the steady interval I tried to keep it under 6:00 min, it was usually around 5:45; and finally, for the fast interval I tried really hard to keep it under 5:00 however, toward the end I was nearing the 5:10-5:25 mark. I’m thrilled to report that my first crack at sprinting tonight resulted in a 3:00 min/km for almost 200 m – which is good for me. I’ve never been a fast runner (which I’m okay with) but this is a nice milestone for me. I can’t remember, but I think this is one of my better 5km times? The sidewalks were about 65% bare this evening which was awesome but there were a few blasted icy spots that definitely gave me a run for my money! For most of the run I thought, man, running in humidity may not be too bad compared to this snow and ice. I mean, it wasn’t as cold out tonight as it was for my last run, but really? It’s +15 in Nova Scotia right now, with green grass and we have had snow for weeks now! So when it came time to take my post-run photo, I decided to get a little tropical – some beach, somewhere. But I quickly snapped back to reality when I remembered Claire’s (aka Runninbear) comment about getting up at the crack-o-dawn in Aus and it was already steamy. No thank you. 🙂

Which leads me to this evenings topic: How to enjoy fartlek training on icy sidewalks:

(A guide for anyone who is reward-driven)

  1. make a ridiculously awesome playlist
  2. count how many icy patches you cross
  3. when you get home, take a drink (of whatever bevvie you wish) for EVERY icy patch you hit on your run

Doesn’t that sound like a pretty awesome way to enjoy an icy fartlek run? What better way to motivate yourself than knowing you have a treat at the end of the tunnel. For me, since I can’t have wine or coffee until my tests are done, I’ll stick with some San Pellegrino. But you can make it OJ, hot chocolate, egg nog, tequila – whatever your little heart desires!

Here are tonights stats: 

  • Distance: 5:01
  • Time: 28:24
  • Pace: 5:46
  • Best Pace: 3:00

So that’s it from here. Tomorrow is an easy run and yoga. Hope everyone is having a fabulous Friday evening.

P.S: This made my Friday night. My kid is awesome. Sorry to all you people out there who hate people who talk about their kids. 🙂 

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