Day 80: 4 mile #run in the cold & snow

Well, well, well – it’s just been one of those weeks (already) it feels draggy and hard to get through. It took every ounce (and I mean every ounce) of motivation and energy I could muster to get out this evening and run. I had a terrible sleep last night and had an extremely early morning. I did lots of running around with my son, errands and started organizing our house for Christmas – it was exhausting!

Anyway, at around 7 p.m. I decided that if I was going to run, I had to start by 8 p.m., or I had to stay in. And at 7:55, I jumped up, got ready and started out. To my surprise, the run wasn’t that bad at all. I knew it probably wouldn’t be because I had a rest day yesterday, but I had that nagging feeling of not really wanting to go that I couldn’t kick. It was a little slick out there because of the light snowfall and it was chilly (felt like -15). My time wasn’t amazing but I’m just glad I got out and finished it – and as they say, you never regret a workout you’ve completed.

I do have to make a small confession to make.

I was at a really busy intersection on my way back to our place and literally one-step from the crosswalk. This jerk sees me putting my foot out (we make eye contact; yes. I’m one of those people who confirms that you can see me before I step out) and he freaking hits the gas! But before I knew it, the third finger from my thumb was completely erect. Yes. I flipped him off. Truthfully, I am kind of ashamed. But not really, I was pretty choked.  There’s just no way I could have been more visible. A jacket with reflectors, a geeky running vest, white hat, sneakers with reflectors, running pants with reflectors. What a tool. Anyway, I feel better now that that’s off my chest. 🙂

Here is a picture post run. This is my first run of the season with a scarf and also the first time I’ve had to leave my mittens on for most of the run (except when flipping people off, of course). For anyone who is running in cold weather, do you know if there is any lip balm that will truly protect ones lips? Mine were frozen tonight even despite being covered by the scarf. P.S.: Look at out frickin’ bright that vest is – there’s no way to miss me!

Alright, enough ranting. It’s time to settle in and watch a movie. It’s snowing out and peaceful. But it would be tragic if it snowed too much tonight so that I wouldn’t be able to do hills. One can only hope…

Here are tonights stats:

  • Distance: 6.49km
  • Time: 39:01
  • Pace: 6:01
  • Best Pace: 4:50


10 thoughts on “Day 80: 4 mile #run in the cold & snow

  1. My skin and lips are still adjusting to the transition to winter — chapped and dry!!!! And I am only out for a few miles a few times a week. Ugh, this time of year. Get on to winter and be done with it — can do without the transition season. ~ Kat

  2. Hey…this was in response to your Nov 12 post but I’m too lazy to go back to it…
    Greetings. Found your blog while I was googling “snowy running day music”. Was pleased to see you’re just up the way in The Big Smoke.
    I run all year long down here near the Okotoks. I saw you were slipping and sliding so I popped in to recommend these to you….

    They screw right into your runners and they.are.the.shizz for not slipping on snow and ice. I keep 2 pairs of asics going in the fall/winter…one with spikes in them for 85% of the season and one regular pair for Chinook days/early fall/late spring
    I run 4 days a week minimum, *no matter what the weather* ( missed one day this year due to 110 km winds though) so you can have faith that they’re worth the money.

    Bon Gait!

    PS. I hear you on the temper while out and about. I gave a cigarette litterer a “Really? Did your Mother raise you that way?” talking to this summer. It’s hard not get mad when dealing with morons.

    PPS. You might want to go for a balaklava like this for keeping your face better protected…

    I way prefer them to a scarf or neck warmer.

    • Ah!!! So glad to commiserate with another Albertan! And thank you so much for your recommendations! Basically, I was trying to avoid looking like a bank robber, but I don’t think I have a lot of choice these days. The scarf (though lovely) is just not cutting it… And the spikes have been recommended before – do you notice any issues re: extra weight? Because honestly, I can barely lift my own legs these days, let alone any extra weight! Thanks again for the helpful info – stay warm out there today!

  3. PS. This is me in the mask…I’m a snow ninja!

  4. <kills self laughing!

    Ok, not The End! I just checked my email and the cats at Ice Spike are having a 20% off sale until Dec 2. The coupon code is stocking stuffer.

    Just in case you want to give them a go.

  5. Nah, The spikes are light as air. The only way you’ll know you have them on is the clacking noise they make when it’s not very snowy. You’ll need the starter kit with the little ratchety thing though. That pack should be enough to last you the season, even with your half marathon training.

    Re: balaklava Don’t think robber, think Ninja. It makes it so much cooler!

    The Mec also has these little soft squishy containers that fit in a pocket and make for great homemade chia energy “drink” squirts. It’s all on my pinterest running board, just follow the ninja pic link I posted to the rest of the action.
    <trained for the half this spring, pinned everything awesome along the journey.

    Safe Trotting Bella!

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