Is the #plankaday challenge safe?

Surprisingly, no one has written anything explicitly about whether it is or isn’t – or at least, that I can find.

I never even thought about this question until someone who reads my blog posted a comment that it’s important to give your body a rest. She said: “I wouldn’t recommend doing planks everyday. Your body needs to recover so space it out. Recovery builds muscle!!” So first, thank you for taking the time to comment. I wouldn’t have even thought about it and I should have!  Obviously, I hadn’t even thought about this and you guys know that I’m just learning & re-learning a lot of this stuff over. So in a quest to see if it was okay, I took my research to the places I’m most confident in: Google and Twitter (because unfortunately I don’t have a 24/7 trainer who can answer my questions.)

I tweeted several times asking people if they knew whether planking a day was safe. There’s a group operating under @PlankADayNation and @PlankPolice who responded with this:

When I checked out the link, there was some good information on proper form and all that jazz, but nothing that says it’s okay to complete daily. It does outline the benefits of planking such as being an awesome core exercise (which helps with posture and can minimize lower back pain). It does suggest that quality is better than quantity, but still nothing stating whether it’s good/bad daily. And before you snap and say, “Doesn’t she get that NO pain NO gain rule?” Yes. I understand that when you work muscles, they will ache. If you want results, you must push. But I’m not worried about the pain in so much as derailing my training due to injury.

After TRX last night, I am sore. And just as NeNe Leakes is Very Rich, I am VERY SORE! So despite the fact that tonight was supposed to be speed training, I won’t be making it and I’m not even sure I could even complete my #plankaday.

So, I’m asking you – friends, athletes, experts – Is the #PlankADay challenge legitimately safe?

6 thoughts on “Is the #plankaday challenge safe?

  1. Thanks for posting about plankaday! The idea of one a day is to help build a habit. Our PT who advises us assures there is no harm im a single plank per day, as long as you only hold it as long as you can maintain form. If you build the habit enough to doing sets (multiple planks), she advises as the post noted that every other day is a good frequency. Since most people have trouble launching into sets and being consistent, the daily challenge is just a way to get the habit jump started. You will notice in the challenge the PlankPolice sends reminders after 2 consecutive days missed, and that is because skipping a day is not a bad thing, but repeatedly skipping two or more and your habit might be slipping away. That part is all in good fun though most of all. Happy planking!

    • Thanks for your quick response! As you see, I am training for a half marathon, and though I’m pretty stubborn when it comes to pain I just don’t want to injure myself. Had never thought about it until my last blog post and I so appreciate your response. Thank you!

  2. I think of this often but never heard of anyone that shared my views. Weightlifting is my “thing” and one of the basic principles is that rest is needed for muscle recovery and growth. – so any “a day” program never sat well with me. While we are on the topic, I feel the same way about all the “streak” challenges that are out there too. Great post!

    • My concerns are that I don’t know how far to push it because we all know you should have some discomfort when doing something new, but I really don’t want this to throw my training off. I don’t think the plank a day is so bad, but I am thinking that it was the TRX that really kicked me in the ass! 🙂

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