Day 76: Just had my ass handed to me by TRX bootcamp @TricoCentre

Today was cross training day and although I considered (albeit briefly) working out on the bike, when I took a look at the Trico Centre drop-in schedule I noticed that there was a class I wanted to take, but could never fit it in: TRX. You may recall that back in September I mentioned that there was a class at the gym and I was worried that I wouldn’t be coordinated enough to do it: I was right (more on that later). But, lately I’ve felt like I’m in a bit of a rut with weight training and spicing things up, so I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to confuse my body a bit. Well, it was definitely confused…and angry. We weren’t even fifteen minutes into the class and my legs were burning. From high leg lifts to TRX planks, my heart was beating faster than ever!

I can’t even recall what we did exactly, because the whole time I was watching the clock calculating how many minutes of hell were left before I could go home and watch my shows (Bachelor Canada and RHONJ). I do explicitly remember the planks though. Now, I’m not sure if the instructors tactic was to humiliate in order to get results or what, but she kept saying “Kat! What’s going on with you?!” (when it took me longer to complete reps or even take a break). Well, let me see lady, this is my first time suspending my chubby body on little, teeny ropes so forgive me if I don’t trust them right away. And that’s when I told her I had “trust” issues, with the straightest face I could manage. The girl beside me chuckled. Obviously she didn’t know who she was dealing with. Stubborn. I was certainly not the most graceful one there, but you know what, I frigging well finished!

And bloody hell, don’t even get me started on the frigging planks. As you know, yesterday I did the @ChatelaineMag challenge of 1 plank every hour for 12 hours so I’m a little beat up from that. And today I did two planks before leaving for the class (both two minutes each). So tonight, when she told us we need to do 10 planks; hold for 3 seconds at the top and then slowly come down in 3 seconds, I wanted to punch her (but not really)… and of course, she started in with the “Kat! What’s going on with you?!”…nothing like pickin’ on the new gal! πŸ™‚ But I don’t give up that easy, lady! I may not be good at it now, but I will be. A year ago I couldn’t do a chaturanga and bitch, I can do fifty in a row now!

Do you know what TRX stands for?

This Really sucks X 10000000000000000000000

Anyway, needless to say, I plan on getting back for another class because I’m stubborn like that. It was a good work out and all I can say is after this shit, I better be “Strong and Lean” when it’s all said and done!

4 thoughts on “Day 76: Just had my ass handed to me by TRX bootcamp @TricoCentre

  1. Haha…you’re too funny. I would have probably collapsed on my face and just stayed there. Congrats for getting through it in one piece. Hopefully you can walk today. πŸ™‚

  2. I wouldn’t recommend doing planks everyday. Your body needs to recover so space it out. Recovery builds muscle!! You should do some yoga. I’ve got some sick leg muscles from sweating at hot yoga. Did you know the chick doing the class? If that was me I would of punched her in the face!!!!! I don’t take that shit!

    • I never thought of whether it would be safe! I generally do yoga or some form of it on a daily basis. I LOVE hot yoga…Have no idea who she was. It was “Bootcamp” so I think it gives them a license to do and say whatever they want. She also mentioned losing her 40lbs of baby weight “literally overnight” – that was really the moment I wanted to yell at her and say 40? Try 70!!! And it wasn’t overnight.

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