Day 72: 5km run, plank-a-day continued and “Out of Africa”

Today was a busy day! Was up early to run a 5km and then we hit the road for “Out of Africa” – a zoo in Camp Verde, Arizona.

My run this morning was alright. I slipped and fell on my hip in the hot tub the day before yesterday; yeah, I realize it’s hard to have sympathy for that, but it really hurts. Every time my leg jiggled I would cringe. It feels like there should be a big ass bruise, but there isn’t and so I look like a wimp! At any rate, I finished the 5k in less than thirty, which was my goal this morning knowing I’d be in some discomfort. Also, I thought I saw snake skin on the sidewalk; I ran by and I was too scared to look back but thought I’d definitely snap a picture of it because it looked big. However, when I turned around on the way back it turns out it was just a rope! Oh, how the imagination works!

I also completed my “Plank-a-day” and I am up to 2:40. My son also joined me for this – it was tough. I transition between regular plank and standing plank. Some day I will be able to do one or the other continuously – some day!

Completely unrelated to running, I want to tell you about our trip to Out of Africa – it was so neat! We saw camels, zebras, tigers, lions, giraffes, antelopes, hyenas, leopards, lemurs, anacondas, boas, vipers and loads of other stuff too. It was a beautiful day to be outside (nice temperature) and we laughed when we realized most people were wearing long pants/sleeves and here we were in shorts/t-shirts! Anyway, I have never been to a private zoo before, so it was an experience. They did something called “Tiger Splash” where they get the tiger to chase after balloon toys and such (trying to get it to jump); I tell you, there were two chain-link fences between us and them and I was still a little nervous! Felix fed a giraffe – it was awesome. They did a giant snake show which was also cool even though I despise snakes. AND it rained RAINED in Arizona!!! Can you believe that? They are calling for snow on Sunday in the mountain area. I won’t believe it until I see it. It was 33 today!  At any rate, we had a terrific day! Hope everyone is well out there!

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