Twitter Plank-A-Day Challenge. Yes please!

I LOVE Twitter. And this is why: there’s tons of useful information on pretty well every topic you can think of. For anyone out there trying to physically challenge themselves, you should check out @fitfluential. Very cool. It’s a group of fitness enthusiasts who share what they’re up to – so you can follow along and try out the things they do. And there are loads of other enthusiasts as well – just search “fitness.”

For example, @SarahStanley started the plank-a-day challenge,where you add 20 seconds to the plank EVERY day! But you know how I found out about her? Through a blog I follow (and vice versa) – and then through her Twitter feed – @Evelinruns (here’s her blog).

I’m still about 20 seconds behind, but I’m going to keep trying! This morning I did a plank for 2 minutes and 20 seconds (yesterday I did three planks to make up for missing it the second day of the challenge – I forgot!!). Anyway, as I did the plank this morning I started to sweat about 60 seconds into it.  And as I started sweating, I starting slipping on the tile (I’m real graceful like that). My son rested his hand on my back to help. He tried to do a downward dog so he wasn’t left out, but quit.

I’ll be following this one through, but I’m terrified at what this will look like; I may have to cut it down to 10 seconds per day – but at least I’m doing it, eh?!

Good luck to all those plankers out there! 

One thought on “Twitter Plank-A-Day Challenge. Yes please!

  1. Hey,
    I nominated you for an “Inspiring Blogger Award”. You know why? Cos you are awesome! I hope you will accept my nomination. Check back to my page for the guidelines of accepting. ☺

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