Day 71: 3 miles to escape Election Day TV

Of course, every network is covering the election today. After watching Robin Meade for about an hour, I decided that was enough and left for a run. Today was another three mile run. I did the same route I did yesterday – it was pretty flat and shaded. I left a little later this morning, but it was still cool enough to enjoy it. There were lots of folks out biking, walking dogs and running. I continued my scan of the ground, but also noticed (after reading) that some of the trees lining the sidewalk have little creatures in them, so I was keeping an eye on them too.

Have no idea what my pace and actual distance was because I didn’t use RunKeeper today since Fido charges $10 for 10 MB per 24 hours. So for the rest of the week, I’m just going on the route I already know! Not much else to report. On other non-running related business, I watched the premier of #RHOBH last night – cannot freaking wait until it comes to Canada. This business of staggering them between the two countries is annoying.

Anyway, hope everyone is happy and healthy out there. Felix is giving everyone the thumbs up!


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