Day 68: Wonderful wedgie evening run!

This will be short because I have a ridiculous list of other things I’m supposed to be working on. Here’s the quick rundown: had a terrific run with my Wedgie – she’s the best! I think we have more laughs and near falls every time we hit the pavement together. The sidewalks were literally like a sheet of ice; the scary kind that you can feel under your feet. Any time we took a corner or an uneven part of the sidewalk one of us would nearly land on our rear. But with that said, it was a good night for a run. Not too cold.

Huge thanks to Wedgie for coming out for a run tonight. I know it’s a pain to haul ass across town after a long work day just to run- but you do and I’m grateful. You’re the best and a good friend! Look forward to our next run!

That’s it. Here are the stats:



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