Day 66: How to have fun while hill training on ice & snow.

So hill training isn’t that fun, especially after a sloppy drive home from Invermere; a long day unpacking and unwinding a toddler. And no, I didn’t run this hill, though I would love to some day. I just thought the picture was neat (it’s from our drive out of Invermere today).

After the drive, I pretty much put off running hills until 8:00 this evening; when it was dark and cold. At one point I thought, “it would definitely be safer to go to the gym.” Then decided, Nah…I’d rather risk it to get fresh air. And so I bundled up, put my favourite hat on and hopped in the truck in search of a good hill to run. I decided on a nice, long, steep hill about five minutes drive from our place (I’d definitely use it to train again). There were some really icy parts and some snow covered parts. I was certainly slower coming down the hill as I was terrified to slip but overall the run wasn’t too painful. I did 20 sets of 250 metres up and down the hill; as well as an additional 250 metres on the flats to cool down. The temperature was a nice -5 °C (a lot better than -16).

Now, onto how to have fun. Have you ever heard of John Pinette? He is easily the funniest person in the world or at least in my opinion. I can totally relate to his show “I’m Starvin'” and though I’ve watched it countless times, I laugh hysterically every time. So I guess my advice for fun on the run would be to stick him on (instead of music) and laugh while you run. I just find hill training different than running long distances; e.g.: borderline painful, but not quite. And his comedy breaks it up. Check him out. You won’t necessarily be doubled over laughing, though it is quite possible.

Here are tonights stats:

  • Distance: 5.27
  • Time: 36:30
  • Pace: 6:53
  • Best Pace: 4:54



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