Day 65: Cross training. Lovely fun!!

Today was the beloved cross training day. I was actually looking forward to it this morning because there was a machine at the gym I wanted to try. Have no idea what it’s called but it was really interesting. Combination of elliptic al and arc trainer – does this ring a bell?

It was fun. The time went by really quickly. Once I finished the cardio part of CT today I did three rounds of weights and then yoga. I did the yoga more for stretching but it felt good. I have a feeling I might be sore tomorrow from the weights; the good news is that I’m not sore from my six mile run yesterday- yahoo!

That’s really it for today. It’s rainy and cold out so we have been indoors watching movies. My Internet connection has been terrible so I’m doing everything from my phone – so if there are loads of spelling mistakes blame my fatty fingers!

Hope everyone is doing well out there! Don’t forget to drink water after work outs- I had at least five of these already today….


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