Day 64: Six miles. It’s no marathon but it’s a start!

Today was the longest distance I have done in a very long time – six miles, also known as 9.6 kilometres! Generally for a distance this long I would never complete it on a treadmill, but since we’re still in Invermere I decided that I’d rather be safe than sorry and went down to the gym.I can’t say I hated every minute, but from mile 1.5 onward I wasn’t really enjoying myself. It was hot, my legs were warm and I was sweating like a pig! I really wanted to keep my time under sixty minutes, but it didn’t happen. However, I’m convinced I could go faster outside; I just found the treadmill so boring.

I kept my pace at a speed of 5.7 (10:30 min per mile) and 6 (10:00 min per mile). For the last fifteen minutes I started my speed at 5.4 and increased it by 2 every 2 minutes or so. I was eventually ran at 7.5 speed. I tried to be consistent, but to be honest there were times I just wanted a break and walk!! (but I didn’t, I kept going).What kept me going was thinking of Martin Parnell. Remember that guy from Cochrane, Alberta who ran 250 marathons in one year to raise money/awareness for Right to Play? He started running when he was 47 years old. He wrote a book called, “One foot in front of the other” – you should check it out! Anyway, I figured, what the heck is six miles compared to a frigging marathon on a daily basis??

Anyway, I finished my six miles in 61:25. I wish I could have shaved that darn 1:25 off, but I know I can get faster if I just work at it. When I finished the run I did a little weight training and yoga. I am so ready to resume the rest of Sunday watching thriller movies to celebrate Halloween.

Hope everyone is having a splendid weekend! And wherever you are in the world: stay warm. cool, dry and happy!



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