Day 63: Just not brave enough to run in Invermere, so I hit the treadmill!

Alright, so despite growing up rurally I blame the city for my scaredy-kat nature I’ve become familiar with. I had every intention of running outside and enjoying the sights and sounds of Invermere for the weekend. But as soon as I saw warnings about cougars and bears I lost my nerve – Duh. And there’s been a bear hanging around in the neighbourhood for the last little while so there was no freaking way I was chancing it. I’m not even sure what the statistic of attacks are, but I was definitely certain that I didn’t want to become them. And with that, I settled for running in the gym; I know, boring.

There’s not too much to detail other than it was pretty terrific to be in a private gym by myself. I didn’t have anyone waiting to hop on the treadmill after me; tapping their feet and giving me the side-eye because they thought I’ve gone over my time. I had total control over the television and could enjoy the run without worrying about who was watching me. I did however, wear a long sleeve shirt and pants while running (big mistake) so I will be wearing shorts and t-shirt tomorrow. I definitely don’t want to make the treadmill a habit, but I’ll probably try to do my six mile run in there tomorrow because I’m a wuss and don’t want to meet a bear! Has anyone out there encountered wildlife during a run? The worst for me was moose while running the Cabot Trail, but I was completely oblivious (thank goodness) otherwise I would have jumped in a car. Like I said, scaredy-kat!



Here are todays stats:

  • Distance: 4.01 miles
  • Time: 40:41
  • Pace: 6.0
  • Best Pace: speed of 7.5









Anyway, we are just going to enjoy the rest of the day and the awesome view… can you believe this?! Mt Nelson to the west and the Rocky Mountains to the east. Incredible! We love spending time here, a nice break from Calgary!

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