Day 60: Hills on the dreaded treadmill.

Alright, so in case you didn’t see it on the news Calgary got hit with a terrific snowstorm last night and in fact it is still snowing now. I knew that the chances of me getting out this evening to run the hill over in Lake Bonavista would be slim to none, so I decided to make use of a rare opportunity to go to the gym mid-day. I don’t know about any of my running pals out there, but I totally hate running indoors: (a) I find it boring and (b) I can never seem to find the right speed. I did try to match it with what I’ve been doing outside, but it seemed a little too easy. However, when I would increase the intensity it quickly became too much. Bah!

At any rate, I jumped into the truck and headed over to the gym (thank goodness for 4×4). The snow was heavy and tons of ice underneath; when I was parking in the lot I could feel the truck sliding. No fun! As I suspected, the gym was fairly empty except for a guy on the track and a few of us using machines. I signed up for the machine and got going; I should make a confession here, you’re only supposed to stay on the machine for thirty minutes but because there were tons and no one else was waiting I continued without re-signing up) So sue me.

As I mentioned, I found the treadmill pretty easy but boring. I rotated 0.25 mile uphill and 0.25 flat for a total of six each. The steepest incline was 15 (whatever that means) and the minimum was 8.5. When I increased the incline, I decreased speed (except for the last one). I found it hard to mimic how I would run outside, but did my best. I must have looked silly with the machine going up and down every few minutes; there were definitely folks who were disrupted by the noise (sorry) but I had my music cranked so I couldn’t hear anything. I have to admit that I feel pretty great, especially now that it’s over. I treated myself to a spicy salmon roll afterward – it was divine.

Won’t be doing too much for the rest of the day. I tried baking gluten-free/sugar-free banana loaf yesterday and it was horrendous so I may try to make a coffee cake today. It will definitely have sugar in it though. I was not meant to bake and/or cook.

And yes, we have already been playing in the snow. When life throws you snow, make a snowman!

Happy trails folks!

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