One Hundred Posts! Holy Crap! Thank you!

For my one hundredth post (yes, 100) I wasn’t sure what I wanted to write about. I mean, how does one celebrate 100 posts? Quite honestly, when I first started blogging I wasn’t certain I’d be able to keep up with it longer than a week or so. Seriously. Between working on my own, watching a 20-month old and the chaos of life in general, it damn-near seemed impossible. Then I thought about what made this attempt to train so different. And in an effort to find the perfect topic to write about, I started looking through the stuff I’ve already said and landed in the stats page. I have to say, I was completely overwhelmed by it and decided it’s about time I thank you all for your support and encouragement. RunningKatTales has landed in twenty-five countries – unbelievable!

It has been 61 days since I started training for this half-marathon. In that time I’ve had support both on my Facebook page RunningKatTales, on Twitter and of course, right here. I can honestly say that if it weren’t for my “online” support crew, there would be no way I would have made it this far and I’m excited to see it through to completion. From comments to emails: thank you for your advice, cheer and inspiration. There are many days I don’t feel like going and I think about the crew out there training just the same as me and it gives me the boost (and kick in the butt) I need. There are lots of you I’ll probably never have the pleasure of meeting face-to-face, but I count you as friends.

Thank you to the Facebook crew who have been following along:

Kathy, Megan, Andrea, Nick, Tre Lynne, Jessica, Jason, Margot, Megan, Amy, Margaret, Brenda, Susan, Roxanne, Jill, Breagh, Jeff, Jeanette and Heather.

Thank you to those who follow along from the blog:

Evelinruns, Fstopfun, Awindowofwisdom, Lauraiancu, MarkHoodWriter, AgonyBeed, JodieB, RunnersRetailTherapy, 5thingstodotoday, RecoveryHealth, Tracy, Kristen, Lacy, Patrick, Julia and Brenda

And thank you to my online running buddies who I follow eagerly: Runninbear , Hemingwayrun,TravelgardenEat ,laughingstarsong   I have never met any of you but I LOVE reading your blogs and finding laughs, inspiration and the reassurance to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Thank you! We’re getting there!

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