Day 58: 5.5 miles (8.8km) & one personal record. Gig-it-ty.

Today I ran 5.5 miles. Now, when I woke up this morning I thought “there is no effing way I am running today.” I was tired. Hadn’t slept well and felt lazy. But after my usual porridge, coffee, water and fruit I decided I had no excuses and had to get a move on. The first 2 km were easy. I started off my usual loop, but then I decided to check out a new area and it became tricky when I got lost. Whoops. In hindsight, I should have mapped out my route beforehand, but I felt like living on the edge. I don’t usually panic because I know that it’s easy enough to turn around and follow the way back, but I was choked because I HATE turning around. Turnaround points are my least favourite thing in the world; I prefer runs that are one big lap.

Anyway, after consulting maps on my iPhone (by the way, what’s the point of 3D?) I decided to cut through a few neighbourhoods and finally found familiar territory. I actually enjoyed the run today, but I was happy when it was done. I had a personal record for longest duration which I am happy with. The temperature was definitely a little cool but I would prefer that over humidity and heat. The leaves were slippery (so watch them) and there was a little bit of ice in some areas. My pace wasn’t spectacular but I am pleased with it as I really want to stay under 6 min/km. And I can’t believe how fast I am approaching the half-way mark for training, I just hope I can keep momentum for the next half which will be further distances than I’ve ever run before-  yikes. But I have faith that I can do it…. (I think!)

And onto funny things, I thought I would give you a laugh. I think this app is hysterical and wanted to share the “geeked” version of myself. Though I didn’t have glasses in school, I think this captures the awkward phase most of us go through… haha.

Last, but not least, although I love having some “alone” training time by myself I miss my little running buddy and of course, my wedgie!! So if you’re reading this, come back!!!!!! 🙂

Here are todays stats:

  • Distance: 8.86km
  • Time: 51:03
  • Pace: 5:46 min/km
  • Best Pace: 4:14 min/km

Alright, time to go get warmed up. Happy trails!

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