Day 57: 8km. Snow. Bah.

It feels like forever since I’ve written a blog, but it’s only been a few days. We flew back to Alberta on Thursday. The flights were terrific and F was a little superstar. I don’t want to get into a lot of detail about the trip itself, because it’s not running related but I do want to share something from a fellow I met on the plane. I won’t share names but this fellow doesn’t fly much. In fact, the flight he was taking was the first leg in a trip west in order to find work to support a wife and six (6) kids! What struck me about him was his friendly demeanour and humble personality. He was so kind to both myself and my son – a typical Cape Bretoner. He didn’t mind that F kept leaning across him, playing with his TV buttons or screeching every now and then. He was unbelievably patient and for any of you with kids, I know you’ll understand just how much this was appreciated as I was travelling alone.

During the two and a half hour flight we shared many stories. In there, he told me about his daughter who had been a double kidney transplant recipient at the age of nine; how they didn’t know she was even sick until she went into renal failure; that the fact that she is 14 and healthy (5 years post transplant) is a miracle. And that he has another child with special needs who requires special care. Never once did he complain about the cards they were dealt. In fact, when we talked about the sacrifices of moving west he spoke about his resolve to work as much as he could so his family could stay in Cape Breton. Yet, despite his determination and working sixty hours (plus) a week they could barely make ends meet. And this is where I want everyone to pay close attention: He smiled lots and said:“That’s life. When you think that things are bad, thank God that you have healthy kids because there’s nothing worse than spending each day at your child’s bedside praying to God that she gets better.” Needless to say, I walked away from the flight totally inspired. And I know the chances of him ever seeing this blog are slim to none (as he claimed he wasn’t really much of a computer person) but I owe him a big thank you. He put life into perspective; and there are many people who could stand to spend a couple hours with someone of his integrity and resolve. I’m just glad that I got to.

Anyway, back to what I’m supposed to be writing about. Before I went to bed last night I thought I would be organized and lay out my running clothes for today. Of course, yesterday wasn’t a cool day at all so I just assumed (wrongly) that today wouldn’t be any different. DUH! This is Alberta, the weather changes from minute to minute. I woke up this morning, lazed around and watched a movie all without realizing it was snowing out! I have to admit, as soon as I saw the white stuff I thought there was no way I was going to push myself to the door. However, with some heckling from the peanut gallery (P) I went out at 5’ish (I had initially planned to run at 9 am).

The run itself was awful. I did not want to be running. My legs felt like cinder blocks. Every step took an incredible amount of effort. And to boot, due to the snow and leaves the sidewalks were nasty. My time was slower. Oh and as I approached the 3 km mark, a woman walking her socially inept dog just let him lunge at me. And said “Oh! Sorry!”  And truth be told, I wouldn’t have been annoyed except that I saw her coming from a kilometre back and it was very evident that the dog was walking her (it was a bigger dog, looked like a shepherd mix of some type.) There was nowhere for me to go, so I kept going. Then about 2 km further I met a guy running with his muzzled dog. The two of them took up the sidewalk and he refused to follow general etiquette of staying to the right, so I had to hop out into the street with cars at my back (what a gentleman, eh?)

And as I felt my skin go crimson with rage (hah) the words from my seat mate on my flight back west came back to me –  don’t complain. You have nothing to complain about. And so I started to feel like a jerk. So I believe I’m just grouchy because I miss Cape Breton and my family, I loved most of my runs there and it’s hard to get back into the swing of things here. BUT I have no reason to complain, so I’ll just zip it because tomorrow is another day and another run. YAHOO!

Here are todays stats:

  • Distance: 8.02 km
  • Time: 48:32
  • Pace: 6:03 min/km
  • Best Pace: 4:14

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