Day 56: a bitter-sweet bay run!

Today was a very bitter-sweet run. I did one of my favorite routes (which I’ve completed a few times since arriving in Cape Breton) – the Baddeck Bay Road.

It was a terrific run, with pretty much perfect temperatures. There was hardly any wind and my legs felt great. I had a faster pace today than I have had lately for my 3 mile runs. I also felt like I could go longer (if I had to). The sad part is that it was my last run here for a while (three weeks goes by too fast). But we loved it while we were here!! And so now it’s back to Alberta to brave the weather there. Thanks to my parents who babysat so I could enjoy some training time on my own and to the folks who joined me for runs here in CB both in the flesh and spirit šŸ™‚ your support is incredible and I’m so grateful for it.

Here are todays stats:


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