Day 55: 3 miles in humidity. Can’t win!

Well…it poured rain almost all day today so we held off running until this evening. I was so thankful that I didn’t wear running pants because it was super humid out! About ten minutes into my run I had to strip my long sleeve off because it was way too warm. There were puddles everywhere and the pavement was really dark. I managed to find my old running vest and wore it because I was nervous about running in the dark.

The run itself wasn’t too bad. Did the rink hill a couple times and ran water street and shore road. My right knee is really tender- I don’t know if I twisted funny or what. I had to stretch it out with about 200 meters left of the run because I couldn’t take the pain any longer!

Other than that, tomorrow is another 8km run and I’m a little sad that it will likely be my last one in Cape Breton unless I can sneak one in early Thursday morning before our flight leaves 😦 I have really enjoyed running my old routes and the scenery – it can’t be beat! Thanks to the gals who have come out for runs here and there the last few weeks – it’s be swell!

Here are todays stats:


PS: leaves are slippery. Run with caution!!

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