Day 53: 8km. Freezing!

Boy! It’s cold out there!! I thought I’d be warm enough if my arms were protected- false. I was less than a kilometer into it and I swear there was hail. It wasn’t nice at all!

However, on the bright side I ran faster today than the other day I ran 8k. With the exception of cold legs, the run wasn’t too bad. There was a bit of wind which wasn’t wonderful either, but I survived. I felt pretty strong and probably could have done another kilometer if I needed to.

Anyway… My hands are frozen and I’m trying to blog on iPhone. Hope everyone out there is having a great day!

Todays stats:



2 thoughts on “Day 53: 8km. Freezing!

  1. These temps and conditions are just preparing you for when you get back!! Wouldn’t be so bad if it had been a little more gradual.

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