Day 52: Fricking rain/hail/snow – I’d expect this from YYC but Cape Breton?!

Well today was a short one – thank goodness for that! I only had to do 3 miles. Ordinarily this would be no big deal, but you see, we had nasty weather today. It rained, hailed and snowed- lovely right? Of course- I was making fun of Calgary when they got snow but now who’s laughing??

The run was alright. With the wet weather the pavement was very dark and the sidewalks are atrocious. Did a slight roll of the ankle but not before I dropped my eye phone (barely missing a puddle).

Other than that, it was a fairly quiet run (sort of boring). I guess the short distance is to get me ready for a long run again tomorrow (give me strength!!)
Hoping for some nice weather!

Here are todays stats:




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