Couch to 5k…in cold rain (felt like snow)

Today is technically a rest day, but my sister asked me if I would come with her as she started her “Couch to 5k” training. Without looking out the window, I agreed. Mistake #1. I wore shorts. Mistake #2. And I didn’t wear a hat. Mistake #3.

When I tried to start running again about a year or so ago, I did the Personal Running Trainer 5k sessions (the same as my sister). It really eases you into running again and helps build your endurance in a manageable and safe way. So I wholeheartedly recommend it if you want to (1) you have never run a day in your life or (2) you are trying to get back into running again after a bit of a break (like say, having a baby or something!)

I thought we did really well out there. It was frigging miserable and she powered through it like a boss! We ended up having to do part of it on the highway (horrible day for it)… And could taste pavement on the water that hit us as they drove by- yuck! We did a five minute warm up then 1 minute running, 2 minutes walking x 10.

Anyway – now I’m going to seriously take the rest of the day off. Maybe squeeze in some yoga. We’ll see!



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