Day 49/50: The training continues…

On Tuesday I had a pretty good training day. For anyone familiar with the Baddeck Bay, more specifically Macaulay’s Hill, that’s where I was. I did 500 m of the hill 6x (though I stopped RunKeeper for 500m as I was going down the hill). I wasn’t sure how I’d fare on the hills because I thought I might get bored (or pass out), but I couldn’t get over the beautiful colours and fresh air (the leaves changed colour in Calgary overnight in September; and had mostly fallen before we flew out to Cape Breton). It’s also been a few years since I had been home in the fall, so I am really enjoying these runs because they’re very familiar. The only thing I have not missed are the crappy shoulders. Seriously – there are random lumps of pavement all over the place so you need t to watch your footing the entire time. Oh, and disappointingly, there were no undies anywhere to be seen (at the side of the road.) Anyway, despite being a challenging hill, I didn’t feel too badly afterward and was pleased to have attained a few personal bests:

  • Fastest average speed
  • Fastest average pace
  • Biggest elevation climb

 I accidentally recorded it as a walk, but I most definitely ran it. 


And yesterday (Day 50) I ran with Julia – for someone who is 20+ weeks pregnant, she can keep a mean pace! We went down the Baddeck Bay 2.5 km and turned around. The temperature was really nice for a run and it was really nice to run with someone (I miss my Wedgie!!) It was nice to have someone to chat with and keep the pace going strong (it was probably too slow for her) but was great for me!

Day 49 Results:











Day 50 Results:

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