Day 47/48 – Personal bests, weddings and road trips!

Alright, I haven’t been so great at my usual daily blogging, but I do have legitimate excuses. You know what vacations are like – you’re all over the place trying to cram as much into your time as you can. This vacation has been terrific – we’ve been all over the place: Descouse, Port Hawkesbury, Whycocomagh, Sydney, North Sydney … I’m pretty sure we’re on the road daily. At any rate, I have been getting my runs in, I just haven’t been diligent enough to write about them.

Yesterday I ran my fastest 3 mile run since I started tracking. I felt great and really enjoyed it. For those of you who know Baddeck, I did the Shore Road and part of the Bay – the shoulder on the Shore Rd is awesome with tons of space in comparison to the Baddeck Bay Road but definitely need to pay attention to the pavement rise. The steep drop-off to the gravel is deadly and definitely worth paying attention to; I had a few awesome moves going from gravel to pavement as I try to move as far over to the left as I can when I meet oncoming traffic. Yes. I know some runners don’t…. but I’m not sure why… I mean, why the hell would you want to put yourself in a position of getting clipped by a car? I was really happy to finish yesterday and get the email saying it was a personal best. I was in the middle of doing some stretching and yoga on the boardwalk across from the Alexander Graham Bell Museum. The village is definitely getting busier and busier with the start of Celtic Colours. There were tourists hanging out on the benches giving me the side-eye. Oh well. These are the same people that jaywalk incessantly so I dare say they’re not in a position to judge. I’m still loving the yoga but can’t wait for classes at the Trico Centre with Rachel – it’s hard to do it on your own all the time!

Here are yesterdays stats:

  • Distance: 4.82
  • Time: 26:55
  • Pace/km: 5:35
  • Best Pace: 4:30







Now for today, I have to admit I did not want to run tonight. The past two days have been super busy with loads of driving. Yesterday my cousin got married in Whycocomagh (beautiful wedding) and I MC’d the reception. Yesterday was a rushed day. I finished my run around 11 am. Got ready for wedding. At 1 pm we left for wedding (25 minute drive). At 3:15 we came back to my parents house (another 25 minute drive.) And at 4:30 we left for the reception (60 minute drive.) So…when we left the wedding around 10 pm, we had another 60 minute drive back home. Needless to say we were exhausted! And today we did a trip to Sydney (60 minute drive both ways). We did a lot of driving in two days. However, it was all worth it. I had a terrific time at the wedding and then speaking at the reception,though I can’t speak for the poor suckers who had to listen to me. There’s one other unrelated running thing I want to tell you. When the night was coming to the close and the bride and groom were getting ready to do their first dance, what they didn’t know was that I had rallied some people do sort of a flash mob ahead of them. So I said something like, “It’s time to get ready to click your heels Gangnam Style….” and up these amazing people got up (THANK YOU GUYS!!!) And we all did the first few seconds of the dance; then the music cut and the lovely couple had their very first dance as man and wife. It was so special to be part of the day.

Okay. Enough of that. Now back to running. Today, I was tired. But I had another two personal bests: distance and elevation. Was super pumped because I felt terrible starting out. I do, however, believe that my moms macaroni was the only thing that gave me energy today. Oh. my. goodness. So. Good. And of course, fresh biscuits. Not too much to say other than I did the museum hill three times, and rounded water street twice. It was good. The only thing that made the run difficult was coming through Water St. and having oncoming traffic turn their high beams on. It made it terribly difficult to see the ground and I pretty much needed to stop on a few occasions until said people passed by.

My ankle is still a little tight and I’m not too sure what to do to stretch it out better but I’ve been doing the ABC ankle exercises and I hope they do the trick.

That’s really it, I think!

Here are todays stats:

  • Distance: 7.25 km
  • Time: 47:05
  • Pace/km: 6:30
  • Best Pace: 4:31

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