Day 45: 3 delightful miles…

Today was a 3 mile kind of day. I decided to change things up a bit and run on the highway (truth be told it was the most convenient place to run today.) At any rate, it was exactly as terrifying as I remember! Trucks clipped by as fast as they could and I could feel the wind from them pushing me around. I started out at my parents summer place and headed up the hill. From there I headed down the highway (downhill) for almost 2.5 km. At the turnaround point I must have hit the pause button so my iPhone didn’t pick it up (crap!) At any rate, my time and pace were really good and I’m happy with my recorded results. It was a really good run, I felt good when it was over and thought if I had to I could probably go a few more kilometres. I was looking at my distances for the coming weeks and I have a 5 miler coming up – barf! So I assume this is why my distances are slipping back.

HUGE thanks to whoever passed by and laid on the horn… I don’t wear my glasses when I run so I have no idea who you were, but I’ll take the horn honking as encouragement. I apologize to those who wave and honk (some have said “hey- you didn’t see me when I passed by..”) but I literally did not see you. I can’t see too far ahead without my spectacles but I appreciate your support all the same! I am really enjoying my time here in Cape Breton and especially running through familiar terrain- it has been a while.

Here are todays stats:

  • Distance: 4.70 km (+200m)
  • Time: 27:17
  • Pace/km: 5:48
  • Best Pace: 4:14

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