Day 44: 4 miles with a little wind, puddles and no fun!

Today was just a 4 mile run, but I hated every minute! It’s funny, some days are great and others aren’t but I guess you can’t have good runs every day.

I still can’t get over the humidity here. I completely forgot what it was like to run through it (it’s so dry in Calgary.) But I would still take running here in Nova Scotia over running in Alberta (mostly because you can’t compete with the scenery and it’s easier.) However, the shoulders are pretty narrow, so thanks to folks who pass by taking a wide berth. I ran a few hills today, but pretty much kept to flats for the most part. My legs felt good, no pains anywhere but man, it was not a fun run! I would like to blame it on not getting a lot of sleep or not carbing/hydrating properly but I can’t. It just wasn’t a great run. I do think I need to freshen up my playlist though. I am getting a little tired of hearing the same musicians over and over again (so let me know if you have any suggestions!)

Other than that I made the mistake of wearing a white t-shirt while running the other day. In my defence, it wasn’t raining that hard when I left and was led to believe it wouldn’t last very long, but that was a lie. Oh well. Today I wore a black long-sleeve shirt and it was too warm, so I’m not sure what the happy medium is.

Anyway, tomorrow is only a 3 mile run! YAHOO! But the catch is that I’m supposed to do it quickly – I guess we’ll see!





Here are todays stats:

  • Distance: 4.01 miles
  • Time: 40:21
  • Pace/km: 10:04 per mile
  • Best pace: 7:57 per mile

Hope everyone out there is doing well!

Here is another picture from Baddeck – a little cloudy, but still beautiful!

2 thoughts on “Day 44: 4 miles with a little wind, puddles and no fun!

  1. I thought it was just me today. It was a hard run on the poor dog and we ended up walking about half of it and jogging the other half pretty slow. We don’t like the humidity either! She was happy though and kept trying 🙂

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