Day 40/41: 4 miles in the rain

Yesterday (day 40) was a glorious rest day. It was also a cheat day (now that I’m in Cape Breton and can’t watch Real Housewives I don’t bother have my cheat days on Wednesdays.) Today I spent the day babysitting my niece – she is the cutest! But I do blame her for being so tired for my run this evening. Oddly enough, she doesn’t do much quite yet, but I think it was the sitting around and rocking in the chair for 90% of the day that did me in.

Anyway, it was raining pretty steadily this evening and it was really dark when I made it out to run. I didn’t mind it though – it was pretty quiet for the run and I enjoyed it. My time was slower than the other evening, but I’m okay with that – my legs aren’t sore at all and I felt like I could have run further if I wanted to. I did three hills and a few gradual hills – I definitely think my endurance is becoming better (I didn’t sound like Ralph from the Simpsons.)

Not much else to report. I took a picture of me and Alexander Graham Bell – you can’t make out who it is, but anyone from Baddeck knows exactly what I’m talking about. I felt a little creepy, but after my third loop of Water Street I couldn’t resist. It was rainy and windy, oh and cold, so I snapped it quick and didn’t even look to see if it turned out. Oh well! Tomorrow is 4.5 mile run – yikes. Hope I feel as good as I did today!

Anyway, here are todays stats:

  • Distance: 6.41
  • Time: 41:24
  • Pace/km: 6:27
  • Best time: 5:15
  • 20120929-233010.jpg



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