Day 37/38 – Airports, Teething baby and running

Well – despite having every intention of running hills last night, after a red eye and traveling with a twenty-month old almost 12 hours a nap that was only supposed to last one hour was 4x that! Whoops!

At any rate, tonight I ran 6.5 km and it was absolutely terrific! The weather was perfect, my legs felt strong and what can I say, there’s nothing better than running in your home town… In Cape Breton! I started my run with a quick 200 m warm up on the flats and then hit hills. Probably completed about 1.5 km of hills which wasn’t too bad at all. For anyone who knows the rink/museum hills- they’re still my arch nemesis!! Loved the boardwalk; and the smell of the water. Ahhh- it feels great to be home!

Other than that there’s not too much to report. I likely won’t be running too much with F as I have built in babysitters who he loves spending time with (my parents; his grandparents) And also a heads up that I’m blogging from my iPhone so I’m sure my posts won’t be as long (lucky you) and will most likely harbor more spelling/grammar errors than usual.

My ankles seem to be a little tight still but I plan on doing some yoga tomorrow and maybe some swimming at some point through the week.

Here are tonight’s stats:


Oh and I want to tell you that I had the best vanilla latte today at “Bean There” – better than Starbucks!! I attribute my great run to a good cuppa Jo and the supper we had tonight at mom & Dmacs- good stuff!!

That’s it from here. Hope everyone out there is doing well. I look forward to catching up on some blogs this week!


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