Day 36: Cross Training at the gym – YEAH BUDDY!

What a day! So much to do and so very little time. I think (fingers crossed) I have finally beaten this darn cold. F is still sick, but it sounds like he is also nearing the end of the cold as well. As usual, my Monday night cross training took place over at the Trico Centre (love that place.) There was lots of buzz in the gym – people on the track, at the TRX bars, on machines, in class and weight area – it was nice to see. I only spent about 15 minutes on the elliptical and the hopped off to do some circuit training. I did the same workout from a few weeks ago – partly because I was being lazy and didn’t want to bring the JM book and partly because I knew it could be done!

Anyway – not too much to report. Felt pretty good. I’m super excited because my son and I head to Cape Breton tonight with Westjet! YAHOO! We’re going to spend a few weeks there with family and also celebrate my cousins wedding – we can’t wait!!

Alright, tomorrow evening I’m doing hills. I may not be able to blog right away but it will happen. Hope everyone is happy and healthy out there!

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