Day 34: 4 mile run; no walk in the North Glenmore Park

Today was a 4 mile run through North Glenmore Park and despite being an absolutely beautiful day, I feel much worse than I did yesterday. I can’t tell if this cold is getting better or worse. I can feel a bit of a rattle in my chest (great…) The park was really busy late morning. There were dogs everywhere, loads of walkers, some runners and many, many folks on bikes. I ended up going out later than usual (around 10:30). I haven’t run this side of the park very much and of course, I had to pee like a racehorse as soon as I got there. I noticed on the sign for the park they advertised washroom facilities and started looking around. Well, the “facilities” were an OUTHOUSE!

I thought about it a minute and knew I wouldn’t be able to run when I had to pee so I gulped in some fresh air, held my breath and went in. It was just as horrible as I remembered any outhouse being (the last one I used was camping…almost four years ago.) It was dirty, smelly and there was no hand sanitizer (yes, Sue, your hand sani would have come in very handy today!) And naturally,  I knew my description would never do the encounter justice so I couldn’t leave without taking a picture of this gem. We are really spoiled on the South side of the park – there’s a full washroom (two stalls and a sink) so this was a rude awakening!

The run itself wasn’t terrible, even though it took every part of my ambition to haul my behind off the couch. I did some quick stretching and headed east on the trail. It was absolutely beautiful. There were lots of people out on the reservoir in canoes and kayaks. I tried to snap some quick pictures; the colours are pretty neat. Anyway, because I was so late starting today by the time I finished the temperature was quite warm. I had to stop three times to blow my nose (yeah I know, gross) but I couldn’t blow and run (not always the best multi-tasker). There was an older man running today, I would guess he was in his late seventies, anyway I couldn’t believe the pace he was clipping along at. I hope I’m still that active when I hit that age!

Anyway – it is time for a nap. I need to get ahead of this cold – big trip coming up and a million things to do before we go!

Here are todays stats:

  • Distance: 6.40 km
  • Time: 40:02
  • Pace/km: 6:15
  • Best pace: 5:50


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