Day 32: 4 mile tempo run in Fish Creek Park with an angry child

Today was our four mile tempo run. We decided to head back to Fish Creek Park because there are lots of trails to choose from, it’s all paved and pretty much even (less bumping around in the stroller.) We parked at the Ranch and ran the direction toward the River/Sikome beach. There were lots of people walking today, we saw a few other kids and some dogs. No wildlife today (thank God.) But I did pack my bear spray and had it handy on the stroller handle (just in case.) We also attached a cowbell to the stroller so we make some noise – cannot sneak up on anyone! I keep forgetting to mention it because now it comes naturally, but we continued with “Project Morning” – it was good. Most people were happy & said hello. 

We completed the 6.4 km, but had to split it up because Felix started protesting in the last 500m. Finally, I ended up stopping the clock and letting him get out and stretch his legs. He refused to walk anywhere and a couple with a dog walked by and Felix hopped up and started walking with them. Of course, when I tried to turn him around he threw a full-on temper tantrum (awesome.) But then we finally got situated in the stroller again and finished the last 400 m. It wasn’t a terrible run. I’m still feeling pretty crappy from the cold, but definitely better than I was yesterday.

I do want to tell you about the hill we did just by Sikome. It was short and terrible (would we have it any other way?) I had no intentions of running any hills today because let’s face it, tempo running is about keeping your speed up and a hill would throw a wrench into it. To be completely honest I thought there was more pathway at the top of the hill that would easily loop back to the Ranch, but that’s not the case. Well, it may be the case but I can’t read the darn legend on the maps…

Anyway, I’m really looking forward to the break tomorrow – my body needs a rest!





Here are todays stats:  

  • Distance: 6.48 km
  • Time: 43:24
  • Pace/km: 6:45
  • Best Pace: 5:50


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