Day 29: Cross training with Jillian Michaels

Today was a cross training day with Jillian Michaels – I completed “Day 5” in her book and 30 minutes on the elliptical. My quads and calves will hate me tomorrow whilst doing hills. It feels like I did about a million lunges. We also had to do step-ups (I HATE step-ups!) Did some hammer curls and some other weights and that about wrapped the night up. If I have time tomorrow, I will post the total work out for anyone who wants to try it out.

The gym was busy tonight with people doing TRX class. Has anyone else done this before? Apparently it’s a really good work out, but I don’t know that I am coordinated enough to complete such a thing. I feel like it is something I would have to do in the privacy of my own home first, just so I won’t make a total fool of myself. And by the looks of this video, I could make this happen (for $200 that is).

Tomorrow is hill training. Oh how my legs ache just thinking of it. However, we’re supposed to have beautiful weather the rest of the week so I guess I should just focus on that. Anyway, no pictures from the gym so I thought I’d slip in this picture of me and my son. This is post-Terry Fox Run; he was giving me hugs. Love this kid.

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